Brasilian Bikini

In the world of bikinis, it can be tough to stand out sometimes.  But never fear, there’s an attention-getting cut of bikini that’s been taking the world by storm recently.  Of course, I’m talking about the Brasilian bikini also known as Brazilian bikini.  As you’d imagine, the Brazilian bikini was born on the beaches of Brazil, where accentuating the waist line and the posterior are of the highest priority. The style caught on in Europe, and celebutantes all over the world can be seen carousing around in Brazilian suits.  Now, this sexy suit has finally made it’s way to American shores, where women are buying them up as fast as they can be made.

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What is a Brazilian bikini?

There’s some debate over exactly what constitutes a Brazilian cut, and the simple answer is ‘there is no simple answer’.  We’re really not sure who created the first design, and to this day there is no definitive definition, but there is one thing that most Brazilian designs have in common – they tend to ride low on the hips.  They cover more than your standard g-string or thong, but slightly less than a normal full bikini bottom.

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The picture above represents what most people consider to be the most common Brazilian style.  The top of the bikini in the back runs straight across the bottom of the hips, instead of riding on top of them like a standard bottom. Of course, there’s always room for innovation and creativity, so in recent years bikini manufacturers have been dreaming up new cuts with all sorts of embellishments, like the styles shown below.

The suit on the left is what’s known as a whale tail, for obvious reasons.  The suit on the right is what’s known as a half-pucker design, due to the fabric being sewn in such a way that it “puckers” around the center seam.  This particular suit is also embellished with Swarovski crystals for an added touch of elegance. Both are considered variations of the basic low-riding Brazilian bikini design.